Wednesday, March 9, 2011

GENERAL INFORMATION: Now I can save you when I turn on your Power

Low or No Deposits and Great Rates

Let me give you a quote for power when you call to give me your apartment number. The company I use, Ambit Energy, is often much lower in terms of their deposit and rates.

One of my clients was quoted $225 for a 1 bedroom apartment by their prior provider and Ambit turned their power on for $70.  I'm seeing rates at less than $.10 a kilowatt hour in  DFW or $.107 in Houston. And if the 

Ambit usually charges from $0 to $200 for an apartment and if your deposit is one of the larger ones, you can split the deposit into 2 payments.

Call me at 832-303-3002 or click here for my Ambit Site.

Friday, January 21, 2011

GENERAL INFORMATION: If over 18 you MUST be on the Lease or else

I often have people ask me if their Boyfriend or Girlfriend or Parent 
can just "put me on the lease as an Occupant"...

The answer is maybe.  Some apartment complexes do allow an occupant status for income (Students or New Employment or No Employment) or rental history issues (Broken Leases or Evictions).

But usually, my clients are looking for a way to get past the criminal guideline restrictions.  An occupant status won't get you past a Deferred Adjudication for a Felony offense or a Felony conviction. By Texas law, everyone over the age of 18 must be on the lease.

The next question people ask me is "well, do I really need to be on the lease"? Or what can happen if I'm not on the lease? The answer is easy, the apartment complex can Evict the leaseholder and require them to pay for the apartment until such time as it is rented again PLUS ALL THE LEGAL AND COURT FEES.

In other words, this is a poor solution to the problem. I really feel that it isn't a solution.  Even if the complex "winks" at your presence (which most don't) it could cause a problem if the Courtesy Officer ever runs your plates, or the police are ever called to your apartment.

And if you ever get into an argument with your "significant other", you will have to leave the complex - you have no right to be there. 

Call me to get an apartment in your name. I work Monday - Saturday and I can be reached through my website: or at 832-303-3002.

Don't get evicted. Only one thing is worse than having a problem leasing with criminal issues on your background - that's having criminal issues and an eviction.

An eviction is the toughest problem to solve for most apartment locators.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

GENERAL INFORMATION: Rules Tightened in 2011

Just this year (2011) it seems that rules are tightening

I've had a place in DFW that used to take some felonies at 2 years, change to 5 years.

I've had a chain that is in most of the metros in Texas, change from considering some felonies at 7 years, to move the bar to 10 years.

Does this mean that there are no good apartments left?  No, it just means that you need my help more than ever because there are fewer and fewer places.

Just submit a FIND MY TX APARTMENT FORM on my website:  If you would like to speak to me or don't have a computer available to you, you can call me at 832-303-3002.

P.S. I'm the only apartment finder in Texas, that I know of, that concentrates his business on helping people with criminal issues in DFW (Dallas - Ft Worth), Houston, Austin, and San Antonio.  

Friday, November 5, 2010

Your need an Apartment Locator SPECIALIST

If you needed Heart Surgery, 
would you go to your Family Doctor?

No, you would go to a Cardiac Surgeon with a great reputation.  If you are looking for an Apartment and you have a Felony, Deferred Felony, Serious Misdemeanor, or any serious criminal issue, you need an apartment locator specialist.

Like me. I specialize in these issues.  I have a database that helps me handle the following:

  1. Felony charges (or pending felonies)
  2. Deferred Adjudications for a Felony offense (both on and off probation)
  3. Felony convictions
  4. Serious Misdemeanors (serious meaning Class A or Class B)
  5. Pardons of felony charges
  6. Charged with a felony and found NOT GUILTY
  7. Other Criminal issues that are getting you rejected at apartments
I can help with just about everything except for Sexual Offenses. If you need my services, complete a FIND MY TX APARTMENT form on my website: - it is a free service to you (I bill the apartments).

Friday, September 10, 2010

GENERAL INFORMATION: But the Leasing Agent said She Could Work with Me...

Another Lease Application Fee Lost - 
Why didn't they just tell me I would be Rejected?

I hear this everyday.  I can tell you the FIVE REASONS this happens:

1. You may not be aware of all the issues with your criminal report. I have had clients who have information on their criminal records that really isn't correct - example: dates listed for probation ending that look like other convictions. You can purchase your criminal records at my website: for a nominal fee.

2. You may not be aware of your credit information. In fact, their may be a problem with your credit report. That is why I request all clients to run a copy (you can do it for free if you haven't run it in the past year) at

3. The Leasing Agent may not really understand the law enough to advise you. For example, few agents really understand Deferred Adjudication enough to know that the charges are DISCHARGED or DISMISSED when you finish probation - it's as it the charge never happened.

4. The Leasing Agent may not completely understand the policies of the complex.  This tends to happen most if he or she is new to the property.

5. The Leasing Agent may receive a bonus for Leasing and a bonus for applications submitted. This creates a situation where running applications generates income for the Leasing Agent. This may or may not be the case, but be aware that the leasing agent may not have your best interests at heart.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

GENERAL INFORMATION: Apts that won't pay my bill

I've been trying to wrestle a complex down for my bill for over 400 days

In fact, they owe me 4 invoices, one is over 400 days, one over 300 days, and 2 are over 200 days.

I know the residents were there. I confirmed it.  They just won't pay.

And short of hiring a lawyer they could get away with this.  Unless I put the power of the Internet to use.  I'm going to blog about this place - I'll just tell you now it is in Conroe, TX (north of Houston) and is a voucher based property.

I voucher property that doesn't pay their bills or return phone calls.  If you think I'm mad about you, I sure am because the apartment has been collecting rent for months....don't you think they would evict someone if they strung them along the way they are stinging me along?

Thursday, August 12, 2010

GENERAL INFORMATION: An Answer To a Social Agency's Question

Question: Can I get a List of "Felony Apartments" 
To Help Our Clients With Their Housing Needs"

Answer: It isn't that easy. My service is free to your clients and they can certainly go to my website and fill out a FIND MY TX APT FORM for the city they want - example HOUSTON.

One of the biggest myths out there is that there are apartments that take ALL FELONIES. That isn't true. There are some that will take, for example, Possession but won't take Manufacturing or Delivery, some that will take violent felonies but won't take drug felonies, or ones that will take most felonies after a certain time frame.

In order to place a client, I have to pull their criminal and match their record up at over 7,500 apartment complexes in my database. I also look by number of bedrooms, price, area, ISD, etc.

It is only through the use of my enhanced database that I can meet the needs of felons. 

NOTE: to assist anyone with apartment placement in the State of Texas, you must be a licensed Real Estate Agent. So I'm not sure if you would be in violation of the law by trying to do this within your Agency without using a Real Estate Agent.


Sunday, June 20, 2010


First Twitter Lead Came In Yesterday

The first lead for came in yesterday via Twitter.  It pays to Tweet.  And it pays to make yourself available via all the communication methods.

I use Twitter, Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Craigslist, Backpage, Bing, and more to get the word out that I help people with criminal issues rent.

Friday, June 18, 2010


We are celebrating our first birthday at

Now we can say we have been helping people with criminal issues rent in the great state of Texas for OVER ONE YEAR.

We have become aware of many other issues during the past year and have updated our web site to reflect the issues facing our clients.  These include:

  • Misdemeanors
  • Not Guilty Verdicts
  • Pending Felony Charges
  • Problems with Pardons
  • Deferred Felonies (or deferred adjudications for a felony)
  • Felony Convictions
The website now addresses all these needs and gives additional ways to contact us.

We are thankful for our many clients and the testimonials they have added to the site.  

We have also added the ability for our clients to purchase their criminal record report for a low price - gone are the days when you have to drive downtown, park, and pay 2 or 3 dollars per sheet for a copy of your 5 to 20 page criminal record.  I can provide a Texas only report for less than $10.

If you or a friend need our service, you can call or text 832-303-3002 (our 24/7 message line). We'll get right back to you.


Saturday, May 29, 2010

GENERAL INFORMATION: New Mexico Oklahoma Arkansas & Deferred Adjucations

3 Different States: 
all have their own way of handling a Deferred Felony

All these States have a Deferred Adjudication - type of law but they all call it something different.

In New Mexico, they use a term for their Deferred Felonies that I think describes the situation even better: Conditional Dismissal.

Oklahoma calls their deferred felony situation a similar name - a Deferred Sentence.

Arkansas is one of the few states to convict for a deferred felony then upon completion of the probation, they "un-convict" - they call this a First Offender Sentence.

The good news is that I have apartments in Houston, the DFW Metroplex, Austin and San Antonio that will work with your Deferred Felony, no matter where you "got it" and whatever it is called.