Saturday, January 16, 2010

DALLAS: 5 More Apartments That Accept Felony Convictions Found

5 More...and The Search for More will never end

Some people call me "a bull dog" in the way I approach finding places for my clients. I like to think I am presistant.  

But, I don't give up; I never will.  I'll continue to search for the nicest felony apartments in Dallas - Ft. Worth (or DFW) or the nicest apartments that take misdemeanors, deferred adjudications for a felony, or a felony conviction.

In my mind, every place I find today could be a place for a client tomorrow.  I have one of the most, if not the most extensive databases in Texas for apartments that are felon friendly.

And I aim to keep it that way.  My clients expect it of me.


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  2. Hi I'm Gregory Montgomery Jr In it hard for me to get apartment because of my recorder I have two kids I have to sport is that the way a person spots to live with two kids in a wife with a half ass job know come on please help a men when his down don't get at me because I have a recorder I know my mistakes . Please Someone Help me get throw the pain me in my family living throw everyday. My kids need a balance school to stay at my wife need a balance job to work at I need a stable job to work I'm Tired of sweep en then they late me go because everyone there been there longer I'm trying to own my own business but getting money to save my ass for college learning is not help ping me the just using my credit until it gone I don't got time for people mass. God can you hear me Or can you please send me a prayer form the heaven's to help me breath again one more time So if can help a brother out on finding a apartment I will say to you things for help a men that don't have to pot two kids out on the street's.

  3. You have to keep doing research, and communication is always key. Always talk to the apartment managers about your situation, you mentioned a recorder??? What is that??? I'm still having a hard time to. Putting and saying you have family is not going to help, thousands of people have families too. Just keep looking and communicating.