Friday, September 4, 2009

FELONS: Most Leasing Agents won't understand your Charge

Most Leasing Agents won't understand your Charge or Conviction

I had a situation yesterday where I was finding an apartment for someone who was convicted for Vehicular Manslaughter. He was the driver and was careless and this carelessness resulted in the accidental death of another.

It had been 14 years but this gentleman's voice still cracked when he told me of the charge. I thought that the apartments would be understanding. I was wrong. Most stuck to their "if it's a felony, we can't help him" mantra.

But one agent, whose firm, allows felons after 10 years except for Violent felonies, sex crimes, child crimes, and drug manufacturing/trafficking crimes, told me WE DON'T ALLOW VIOLENT CRIMES. When I explained that this was an accidental death, she told me "I told you, we don't accept felons that commit violent crimes".

I'm sure I could go over her head and explain the situation to the manager and get this guy in, but there was another complex he was interested in who was very welcoming. But to me, the point of this story is "Don't Expect a Leasing Agent To Understand Your Charge - or to Understand the Law".

Most, won't. That is why you need me in your corner.

To put me to work for you, you can contact me at 866-285-2100 or go to my website, Just select the FIND ME A TX APT option and fill out the form.

Remember, this is a FREE service and I'm a TX Real Estate Agent who specializes in finding apartments for felons and their families in the Texas metro areas of Houston, Dallas, Ft. Worth, Austin, and San Antonio.  

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