Thursday, March 4, 2010

DFW: Only 118 Apartments will accept a felony until Year 10

Less than 120 Apartments in the entire 
DFW Metroplex
will accept a Felon until year 10

Well,  118 total places for a felony conviction are available. But what applies to you will certainly be less than that number.  Location, price range, availability, and the "crime and time" restriction will certainly affect your choices.

What do I mean by CRIME & TIME?  Many apartments have a rule on when they will consider you for an apartment.  Usually the more "distasteful" a crime is creates their guidelines.  Let me give you 3 examples:

1. A hot check felony may be accepted at year 1 by some complexes since they view their risk as minimal (they will insist that you pay with a money order).

2. A marijuana possession crime may be accepted by some complexes at year 5.  However a dealing or distribution crime may not be accepted until year 10.

3. Some complexes will never take an aggravated felony (weapon or threat used in a crime) or violent crime while others wait for 10 years.

And some places, in fact most places, will never accept a felon.  Don't believe that your arrest and conviction will "drop off" at year 10 or 12. Most apartments in the Internet age will go back a "lifetime" or 99 years.

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